Wednesday, 19 November 2014

its that time of year again

when i spend more time indoors reflecting and think blogging is a good idea...

...and also this just landed in my inbox thanks to pinterest

seven top tips for blogging

so got me thinking, blogging no more seems like a "dear diary..." for the world. maybe that is why so many of us miss livejournal?  the web now just seems about constant PR.
(and yes online marketing is my day job...)

now then what would my blog do?
according to the seven top tips i should:

define my niche. blogs are overdone. maybe a dogblog? but just about puggles...
i had a crochet blog but i think i deleted it. see my problem is that i am an expert about EVERYTHING, so tis sooo hard to narrow it down.

oh wait - sorry just got sidetracked.
a lovely shop i buy my septum rings from has just told me i am not liable for a replacement for faulty goods even though it has only been three months! what about this ruling? its the second shop in six months to give me shit when i have tried to return a nosering that has broken before i have had time to wear it! really, the body mod industry is full of fucking rip-off merchants.

like the guy that punched the heart shaped hole into my ear, and gave me the shittest aftercare directions ever, and now i have some snaggletooth hole in my cartilage that probably can't be fixed. yea. you know who you are!

so this could become a bitchblog. but there are enough of those and i really do try to stay positive and work very hard to look on the brightside and spin things so they are not all doom and gloom all the time. there are enough of those positivity sunshine photoblogs out there too.

that is the problem, everyone out there is a specialist now.

so what the heck makes me so special that anyone would want to read what i have to write?